Asbestos Removal Cost

When property owners discover the presence of asbestos, one of the most common questions they will ask is how much will asbestos removal cost? The removal of asbestos requires specialist training, equipment and compliance. The main factors that will influence the cost of asbestos removal include the type and amount of asbestos that needs to be removed, as well as the location of the property.

Asbestos Removal Cost

Asbestos Removal Prices

Although the figures below are only a guide of how much asbestos removal costs, they will give you a better understanding of the prices for common asbestos services. For an accurate and affordable asbestos removal quotation, please request a quote.

Asbestos Water Tank Removal Prices

Domestic water tank removal & disposalfrom £160
Domestic water tank disposalfrom £140

Asbestos Garage & Roof Removal Prices

Removal & disposal of asbestos cement garage roof (single garage)from £350
Disposal of asbestos garage roof & sides (single garage)from £600
Removal & disposal of asbestos cement garage roof (double garage)from £650
Disposal of asbestos garage roof & sides (double garage)from £1,100
Removal & disposal of internal garage insulation board ceilingfrom £1,200

Asbestos Survey Prices for Management, Refurbishment & Demolition

1-2 Bed flatfrom £130
2-3 Bed terraced housefrom £150
2-3 Bed detached housefrom £160
2-3 Bed semi-detached housefrom £160
4-5 Bed detached housefrom £220
6+ Bed Detached Housefrom £230

Asbestos removal discounts are available for larger jobs, or for multiple jobs at the same time.

Asbestos Survey Costs

Asbestos Testing & Sampling Costs

Asbestos testing and sampling costs as little as £6.50 per test, with discounts provided when numerous simultaneous tests are required. Asbestos sample testing will determine the presence of asbestos in your material, and will help decide the next steps of removal and disposal.

If your sample has already broken off, and there is no risk of spreading debris or dust, HSE suggest that you can submit the sample to a UKAS accredited asbestos testing laboratory yourself. However, if your sample has not already broken off, you should use a UKAS accredited professional to collect your sample.

We can arrange the analysis of materials or soil that are suspected of containing asbestos, and may be hazardous. From one-off samples to bulk sampling, suspected asbestos containing materials (ACMs) will be safely collected and tested.

Asbestos Disposal Cost

The cost of removing and disposing asbestos can vary depending on the type of asbestos discovered during testing. The three most common types of asbestos are:

White Asbestos (Chrysotile)

Chrysotile asbestos is the most commonly used type of asbestos, and is often found in ceilings, walls, floors and roofs of homes and commercial properties. It was also used in vehicle brakes, pipe insulation and boiler seals. It is white in appearance, and is classified as a serpentine mineral.

Brown Asbestos (Amosite)

Amosite asbestos was commonly used in cement sheets and pipe insulation. It is brown in appearance, and like other amphibole asbestos (including crocidolite), it is made up of needle-like fibres.

Blue Asbestos (Crocidolite)

Crocidolite has the best heat resistance, and as a result was commonly used to insulate steam engines, as well as for spray on coatings. It is blue in appearance, and is an amphibole asbestos.

Prices of Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Surveys when Buying a Property

Surveys can be carried out on a property you want to buy, but it is advised that samples are collected to confirm the presence of asbestos in suspicious any materials. Without testing, the survey will be based on assumed asbestos presence, rather than confirmed sampling. Once samples are collected, tested and if asbestos is found, a quotation for the removal and disposal can be provided.

Asbestos Management

Whether you are a domestic consumer looking to have materials in your home tested, or a commercial client requiring regular R&D asbestos surveys and sampling, we can cater to your needs, with some of the cheapest asbestos removal, testing and disposal prices in the UK. For professional surveyors and licenced asbestos services, request a quote today!

Should I remove the asbestos myself?

Whilst removing your own asbestos may seem like a great way to save money, government agencies recommend that you always use an approved and licenced asbestos removalist. Asbestos is extremely dangerous, and has been linked to a wide number of illnesses, and result in the deaths of over 5,000 people in the UK each year.

Specialist protective clothing and stringent removal and disposal rules must be followed to ensure that the asbestos is correctly removed. Asbestos can become airborne during incorrect disposal, so we recommend using a professional.

Asbestos Containing Materials

Asbestos has been used in thousands of different products and applications, and as a result, the list of asbestos containing materials is extensive. Some of the most common asbestos locations include:

• Garages

• Garden Sheds

• Boiler Rooms

• Factory Roofs

• Roof Tiles

• Roofing Sheets

• Water Tanks

• Cement

• Artex (decorative ceiling texture)

Asbestos Disposal Cost

Other Asbestos Removal Costs

When calculating the cost of asbestos removal, it is important to consider redecoration costs that you may need to pay. For example, if you are having an asbestos garage roof removed and disposed, you will need to pay for a new roof to be installed. This can increase the overall asbestos removal cost, but in some cases redecorating may not be necessary, such as when the item is only being removed, and not replaced.

Asbestos Removal Alternatives

In some circumstances, you may be able to use an alternative to asbestos removal, known as asbestos encapsulation. You will require an extensive survey to determine whether this option is suitable for your property. Asbestos encapsulation is much cheaper than asbestos removal, costing as little as £8 per square metre. Encapsulation involves coating asbestos containing materials with a protective adhesive, which will prevent the release of hazardous dust.


When looking for an asbestos contractor, it is important to always ensure that your chosen professional holds the relevant asbestos licences, insurance and hold a waste carriers licence. Choosing a removalist who is not licenced can increase your asbestos removal cost, with poor quality work often needing to be fixed.


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