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Our price guide will run you through the costs of asbestos removal and disposal, as well as surveys, testing and management.

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Asbestos is not uncommon in the UK, with more than 50% of privately owned homes containing asbestos. For several decades, asbestos was used for a wide number of applications, from pipe insulation to garage roofs. Unfortunately, it is now well known that asbestos is hazardous, and is linked to a number of fatal illnesses.

In 1999, the use of asbestos was completely banned in the UK, but homes and commercial buildings completed before this date may still contain asbestos materials. Prior to the ban, asbestos was used in more than 3,000 different products, from boiler seals to vehicle brake pads. If you have any doubts about materials in your property, you can have a professional carry out an asbestos survey, which will determine the presence of asbestos and provide advice on the best way to proceed.

Once asbestos has been identified, there are two common options available to homeowners – removal or encapsulation. Removal of asbestos involves removing and disposing of materials that contain asbestos. Encapsulating asbestos involves the application of a resin over asbestos containing materials to ensure the dangerous fibres are kept contained. In most cases, complete removal of the asbestos is the best option, however encapsulating is cheaper and can be a preferred solution.

Asbestos Removalist Services

We provide licensed asbestos contractors throughout the UK, catering to all of your asbestos requirements. Our services include:

Asbestos Removal – In many cases, asbestos removal is the best and safest option. Asbestos can be extremely damaging to your health, and removal ensures you will not be exposed to the dangerous material.

Asbestos Disposal – Removal of your asbestos is only half of the job. Once it has been removed, the waste needs to be safely disposed. We will ensure that your asbestos is correctly and safely disposed.

Asbestos Encapsulation – When encapsulating your asbestos is the best management solution, we can help ensure that the work is correctly carried out. The asbestos will be coated to ensure that no harmful dust or fibres are released.

Asbestos Surveys – There are a number of reasons that an asbestos survey can be carried out, but the main reason is to identify the presence of asbestos in a property, and help determine removal or management options.

Asbestos Testing & Sampling – To determine whether a material contains asbestos, testing and sampling are often required. This involves laboratory tests and investigations to determine the presence and type of asbestos.

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From asbestos removal & disposal to surveys & management, look no further than the Asbestos Removalists to find local and licensed asbestos professionals!

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In order to correctly remove and dispose of your waste, you must choose a trained contractor. Professional asbestos removalists should be licenced to work with asbestos, and also need a waste carriers licence to remove your waste. They will make certain that your asbestos is correctly disposed of, and procedures will be followed to ensure the removal will not cause any harm to your health. Asbestos can be extremely dangerous, so it is important that you only use reputable and trusted asbestos experts.

Our website has a lot of helpful information to ensure you are well informed. We have included guides, pricing, tips and advice, which will help you understand everything a consumer needs to know about asbestos in your home or property. For more information, you can check your council website, which will provide information and advice for your local area.

Our asbestos removal contractors provide some of the most affordable asbestos removal prices in the UK, so request a quote today to receive a great deal!

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